The watch, almost more than the steam engine, was the real protagonist of the Industrial Revolution

“Lewis Mumford”

Not who begins but who persevers

(Amerigo Vespucci)


Not who begins but who persevers

(Amerigo Vespucci)

Dino Zei

‘Not who starts but whom perseveres’

is the motto engraved on the wood of the school ship Amerigo Vespucci, pride of the Italian Navy. This is perhaps a simplest truth easier to be grasped on the sea. The motto was assigned in 1978 and replaces the one assigned after the Second World War, “Welding in the fury of winds and events”. Col. Dino Zei has been able to summarize in his personal and professional life the mottos that distinguish the most beautiful school ship in the world.
Col. Dino Zei, perhaps with the motto “Welding in the fury of winds and events” as Captain of Industry, holds the control of both the company Panerai tradition and the relationship with the Florentine artisans who had given so much value to such brand with their inventiveness. precision technique, both with creative director Antonio Ambuchi.
A graduate in Italian Philology, Antonio Ambuchi shows a passion and an attraction for the world of watchmaking that derives from his family history: the grandfather of Ambuchi was in fact a Panerai supplier. Ambuchi scale up with is talent a position with honor in the history of Florentine watchmaking, designing iconic pieces in luxury jewelry.

Management Team



In 2000 the team composed by Dino Zei, Dr. Antonio Ambuchi and Federico Massacesi, who leaves the role of director of Salvatore Ferragamo, creates the brand Anonimo Dino Zei. Dino Zei once again succeeds in creating a brand capable of making a name for itself as an exclusive producer of high-end products (watches between five thousand and ten thousand euros).
Next to the most iconic watches of Anonimo (Millemetri, Militare, Polluce, Marlin and Professionale – GMT, above all) the watches designed for Dino Zei also get immediate recognition in the high end market with the model: Nautilo, Aeronauta, Argonauta, Glauco, Notturnale and the beautiful San Marco, representing the most exclusive pieces of the production of Anonimo.
Anonimo, directly or through the models signed by Dino Zei, has produced about 96 different model in limited editions and various special series, for a total production in 15 yeas of 25 thousand / 28 thousand. Colonel Dino Zei, a gentleman of more than 80 years, has continued to the end of his parable, turning off in 2015.


Society of control and human heritage



In the meantime, the young Engineer Alessandro Calamai, thanks to the peculiarities of his watch-case obtained from a solid disc made of steel, had become with his system a key supplier both for Panerai and for Anonimo Dino Zei.
Calamai creates the Dado Seabull Nautica n 2016, and licensed the Dino Zei brand from Carlo Zei, Dino Zei’s son, and with his company hires Massacesi and Ambuchi. Once again “Welding in the fury of winds and events” and certain true “Not who starts but who perseveres’, tradition, history and intellectual property is saved in the hands of an entrepreneur, once again Florentine, in a great vision, ready to involve financially other two Italian entrepreneurs in this operation.

The Dino Zei brand

The three partners with their activities in the world of precision mechanics in a short time employ about 500 people between direct and indirect workers.
Calamai cite very often “When a Swiss company, due to the complexity of the geometries, could not produce the watch case in the geometry requested by Panerai, I moved forward. In a very short time I was able to reproduce those much desired geometries from a steel disc. It was then that I acquired the esteem of Dino Zei “.
A new way of interpreting the watch is just born.
A watch is no longer just consider a mechanical product of very high precision, but instead represent the result of the ability of particular people, which together with the philosophy Dino Zei (quality, precision, planning), testify a story that like everything Made in Italy, is a synthesis of experience, taste and technique.